5. ASIC SynthesisΒΆ

This section will describe how the core-pipeline RTL can be synhtesized using PDK. For now synthesis scripts for the following tools are available :

  • Genus Synthesis (Cadence)

In order to synthesize the core-pipeline, before performing the steps in Section 2.2 one should change the following variables of the bsc_compile_options node in sample_config/rv64imacsu/core.yaml to the following:

top_module : mkriscv
top_dir    : src
top_file   : riscv
compile_target : asic
trace_dump : false
assertions : false

You can also change the asic parameters in the core.yaml accordingly:

  tech_size: 65
  frequency: 600

Once the build is done, you should see a file build/chromite_genus_synth.tcl generated. This file will include all the parameters that will be required by the genus synthesis tool. To invoke synthesis execute the following commands:

cd asic_synthesis/genus/run
make synth user_tcl=../../../build/chromite_genus_synth.tcl pd_tcl=<path to pd input tcl without the .tcl extension>

The pd_tcl file will have to be provided by the user similar to template shown in asic_synthesis/genus/samples/example_pd.tcl